Print Methods & Upgrades


Digital printing is a modern printing method that allows for a wide array of colors. Unlike letterpress printing or foil stamping, where ink or foil is actually pressed into the paper one color at a time. Digital printing is flat and can print multiple colors at the same time. We can print any wedding invitation design digital and you can combine digital printing with foil stamping for a truly personalized piece.


UV printing is done using a UV LED printer which carries out a few quick processes to create the print. The first process is the application of ink onto the material. Then, a second process quickly follows where specially designed ultra-violet lights emit the UV light on the ink, curing it instantly. This unique printing method allows us to create gorgeously detailed wedding invitations with a raised print similar to thermography printing, in full color.


Foil stamping is a special kind of printing procedure where heat, metal plates, die, pressure, an antique press, and metallic paper (foil material) is used to create various shiny designs and graphics onto invitations. First a metal plate/die (like stamp) is engraved with your design. The metal plate/die is then heated and pressed firmly onto your selected card with a sheet of colored foil, sandwiched between the two. As a result, the card is branded with a beautiful metallic finish.

This prized printing method allows us to create simply, stunning wedding invitations and what's more, you have the option to foil print all of the wording in a single design or you can combine foil stamping with digital printing.


Screen printing is a technique where a mesh is used to transfer the ink. This method is typically used for our acrylic invitations.


We can take the stress away and get all your envelopes digitally printed and ready to go at pick up! We offer response address and/or guest address printing.



From cardstock, to acrylic and everything between... any invite you see we can easily change the material. Such as thicker cardstock, thicker acrylic or adding a hint of glitter!